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The complex hospital environment requires special attention to ensure a healthy Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) to protect patients and healthcare workers against hospital-acquired infections and occupational diseases. Crusaders’ medical air purifier is an ideal solution for hospitals and other health facilities that are continuously exposed to potentially dangerous air particles. Medical facilities are under constant attack from Dust Mites, Germs like Bacteria, Virus, Molds etc. and odor issues whether they come from coughing patients, soiled linens, contaminated countertops or other sources.

Crusaders air purifier finds extensive usage in several areas of health care that includes, Operation theatres, OPDs, Maternity wards, ICUs, Children wards, Nursery etc. Using state-of-the-art, advanced technology, to eliminate virtually all air impurities and odor issues.

Our affordable system works by producing charged negative ions that are dispersed through your room to help Dust, allergen and odor laden airborne particulate matter to stick together through a process called ionic bonding. Once the bond is complete harmful molecules become heavy and are sucked by the AIR PURIFIER which uses a multiple layer filtration system, such as PRE Filter, ELECTROSTATIC Filter, ACTIVATED CARBON Filter, HEPA filter, TiO2 Photo-Catalyst Filter & UV light, Crusaders air purifier actively seek out pollutants and neutralize them, thus making the environment sterilized and infection free for breathing.

Our product is effective at :

  • Capturing dust and PM2.5 particle up to 99.97%
  • Killing mold, bacteria and virus
  • Eliminate smoke problems
  • It can even stops mold growth and prevents future mold spores from developing
  • It significantly removes almost all kinds of allergens, odors, bacteria and viruses, airborne chemicals and solvents, germs and dust from indoor air and make it clean & pure to breathe

We have multiple models & solutions for the Medical Sector depending on the specific area requirement and the nature of problem being faced at your end. Some of our solutions can help remove ammonia or urine odor, or inhibit mold growth. Crusaders air purifier can do the job and improve living conditions for those with even the most sensitive immune systems.