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Did you know why Tripadvisor.com and other hotel/motel review sites have lots of one-star reviews?

And, did you know that most of these one-star reviews are posted by the travelers who are dissatisfied with the hotel’s indoor air quality?

Often, this issue is ignored and insufficiently handled. Hotel and motel air quality has more in common with industrial air than residential. Hotel management must evaluate a room’s suitability not only by appearances but also by odors or smells in the hotel rooms. While a poorly maintained room is a sure sign of trouble, even spotless upscale hotel rooms can have poor air quality. Nearly one quarter of guests might complain of poor air quality, but seldom get relief. Guests eat, drink, smoke, and party in the hotel rooms; they might also keep their pets in hotel and motel rooms.

Therefore, after each occupancy, everything in the rooms must be cleaned. But washing linens and vacuuming carpets does not remove airborne particulate or volatile organic compounds (VOCs), many of which may be introduced by the hotel's own housekeeping practices. Tobacco toxins persist in rental accommodations, long after the smoker, perhaps a stealth user, checks out.

Crusaders state-of-the-art active air filtration technology ensures that more than 99% of potentially dangerous particles are removed from your hotel’s building, creating a much healthier and safer environment for the guests and hotel staff. Crusader air purifiers have been found to be very effective in odour control, VOC removal, eliminating air borne solvents and other chemicals, dust abatement and reducing mould growth.