The Problem

Delhi experienced the worst smog in 17 years after Diwali in 2016. The safe limit of 60 micrograms per cubic meter went up to an alarming 900 in some parts of the city. This situation forced people in the national capital to take protective measures, and purchase air purifiers and masks.


The Market

A recent survey conducted on people who have purchased purifiers concluded that most of them were unaware of the true effectiveness of the products. It appears that most users simply bought the one with the cheapest price tag – mediocre and dysfunctional.

Currently, there are more than 100 air purifier companies looking to grab a chunk of the paranoid market. It is absolutely imperative that one doesn’t fall for the ‘easy-to-wash and insert’ sales pitch of these products. Most of these purifiers and masks have inferior motors and filters. Besides, air purifiers function very differently from air conditioners; just washing the filter of a purifier will not rid your room of any pollutants.


The Solution

90 percent of the masks worn by the general population  are surgical. The initial objective of these masks was to reduce transferable diseases between the doctors and the patients in the operation theatre. Be warned that these masks make no difference when it comes in contact with pollution, as the particles are too fine to be caught. Even though surgical masks can protect us against large-sized pollutants, they literally have no effect on the much finer poisonous particulate matter that is abundant in the air we breathe.

At present, pollution mask sales have jumped six times; consumer demand shooting up to 13 times that of last year. It is safe to say that most of the demand is largely driven by Delhi and adjacent cities.

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