Driving cars, taking flights, staying exposed to environmental pollution when engaging in certain recreational activities – all pose varying degrees of health risks. While some are simply unavoidable, some risks can be averted by making educated choices. Indoor air pollution is one such.

Here are 10 ways to #ClearTheAir inside your homes!

10.) Eliminate
Eliminate mold and mildew. With changing seasons, it’s only natural for these events to occur. To kill it from the root is the right strategy.

9.) Minimize
Minimize pet hair and dander by keeping homes clean. Try dusting regularly to not develop allergies.

8.) Don’t Smoke
If you smoke, quit. If you don’t, avoid secondhand smoke.

7.) Ventilate
Most of our heating and cooling systems do not mechanically bring fresh air into the house. Opening windows and doors when the weather permits, or using a window air conditioner with the vent control open increases air circulation. Fans in bathrooms and kitchens also remove contaminants directly and improve ventilation.

6.) Stay Organic
Use low-VOC paints. You are going to be staying here – choose wisely.

5.) Maintain
Make sure all combustion sources, such as stoves, furnaces, space heaters and chimneys are properly vented and serviced regularly. They are known to collect much more residue because of the extensive ingredients and burning of oil involved.

4.) Inspect
Test for radon. Take measures to eradicate it.

3.) Look Out
Follow local advisories when outdoor levels of pollution/pollen are high, or when there is pollution from wildfires. Children and the elderly may be especially sensitive to outdoor pollution.

2.) Adapt
When the pollen count is high, shower and change clothes when you return indoors.

1.) Make a Wise Purchase
Buy a Crusaders air purifier and bring home an ally… Because no matter what we do to take care of ourselves, we are always in dire need of clean and fresh air.