Air Purifiers – A Need of the Hour

Your home is a humble abode of peace, quiet, and everything that makes you, YOU. You trust every nook and cranny, and no matter where you go, home is that one place you can’t wait to get back to after a long tiring day.

While comfort is your top priority at home, your health is just as important, if not more. In the course of our daily hustle, we tend to overlook the basic necessities that ensure good health. Eating right and getting enough exercise is great, but have you ever taken into consideration the toxic air you breathe INSIDE your house? Is dusting, cleaning, and vacuuming enough to keep those hazardous elements at bay?

While you ponder at these questions, let us give you this major eye, as well as nose opening fact.

Statistics suggest that in developing countries, health impacts of indoor air pollution far outweigh that of outdoor air pollution. In recent years indoor air pollution from solid fuels accounted for 3.5 million deaths.

Is it all worth considering now?

The solution lies with air purifiers, as they provide the most efficient way to keep our homes pollution free. With the advent of new technology, air purifiers come equipped with 3-7 layer processes aiming to combat the tiniest of microbes that can be of great harm to one’s health.

Here are 5 major reasons why air purifiers are not just a luxury, but a pivotal necessity for you and your family.

Allergies: Dust, dirt and pollen are easy to wipe away, but the microscopic germs they leave behind tend to stay longer. Runny nose, sneezing fits, rashes, uncontrollable coughs, itchy skin and watery eyes – All of these are easily avoidable with the help of a robust air purifier.

Mold: Just because you don’t see it does not mean it’s not there. Mold reproduces from tiny spores that can’t be seen by the naked eye. It also accumulates in areas with high moisture content, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. Therefore, it is important to have an air purifier that draws moisture out of the air, and provides a clean and crisp atmosphere.

Pets: We love our furry friends, but animal hair can trigger allergies in the worst ways possible. The carbon-activated filters in air purifiers help clean small allergens present in animal hair and keep you allergy free.

Cigarette Smoke: Besides odor, cigarette smoke contaminates air and harms everyone, from newborn babies to the elderly. Toxins produced by cigarette smoke stick to walls, furniture and carpets, and are impossible to get rid of. An air purifier definitely makes it easier.

Asthma: If you or a family member suffers from asthma, it is extremely crucial to install an air purifier. Better breathing is guaranteed with the help of one that gets rid of unwanted odour, allergens, and toxic chemicals that cause an asthma attack.

An air conditioner is necessary to cool you down, a toaster to fix your breakfast needs, and a kettle to ensure a hot cuppa every morning. When you take care of every little need, then why not your lungs too! Stop thinking and go buy an air purifier for your house today!