Many people, when they think of air pollution, associate it with the dirty air that exists outside the boundaries of their home. What we don’t realise is the air inside our homes can be up to 10 times worse than outdoor air pollution, especially in India. Since homemakers and children tend to spend majority of their time indoors, they are more prone to it. It’s high time we become aware of the hidden airborne dangers present in the atmosphere.
People often think buying an AC surpasses the need for a purifier. Air conditioning and Air purification are two completely different things. While an AC just circulates dirty air, an air purifier eliminates harmful particles and odours. ACs do have filtration systems, but those filters do not purify the air, rather they trap the dust particles and other harmful substances.

So, what can be done to combat this rising pollution?

It’s important to invest in a product that keeps your home health-friendly, for which a quality air purifier is a must!. Meet the CRUSADERS of better, cleaner, crisper air! Since 2005, Crusaders has been in the business of manufacturing world-class air purifiers. Unlike others, Crusaders is the only company that manufactures air purifiers taking into account the environmental conditions in India.

After investing in years of research, we are proud to provide Indian households with quality products that has a unique, 7-layer filtration technology.This technology caters to a cleaner environment in the most effective way, which ultimately provides an atmosphere free of allergens, smoke, dust, pollen and harmful chemicals. These air purifiers come with HEPA filters composed of fiberglass, which remove at least 99.97% of airborne particles.

If you’re continuously struggling with dust and allergies, or any other unwanted issues of smell or toxic gases, it’s time to invest in a product that provides a pollution-free environment.

It’s better to be safe than sorry!