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About Us

Crusaders Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.’, established in 1991 having its head quarters in New Delhi, is a manufacturer and distributor of AIR PURIFIERS since the Year 2004.  We are the pioneers in the Portable Air Purifier segment in India, with a pan India presence having various branches as well as franchise and retail partners.

2017 marks our entry in the category of Anti-Pollution Mask. Being a leader in the Air Purifier segment it was a long-term desire to help people breathe the same quality of air while they are on the move. In order to address the adverse effects of air pollution in India, we have come up with 2 variants of anti-pollution masks that ensure a healthy environment. Equipped with N99 + Carbon 4 Layer Filtration technology, these masks can block both particulate pollutants such as Dust, Pollen, PM 10, PM 2.5, Microbes etc. and block Toxic Gases, Foul Smell, Smoke etc. from entering our body, thus proving to be an effective tool for long-term health and well being.”

Our main USP lies in our research which keeps the Indian Pollution Environment at the top priority. Over the years it has helped us develop products with the Best Filtration Technology at the Best Price, and we are proud to say that we bring the same level of commitment to the Anti-Pollution Mask Category.

For the Air Purifiers we already have a wide customer segment ranging from the Office of the President of India, our presence can be felt in the most common man’s house.  With a huge variety of customer in different segments, which includes top Business heads, CMD’s of various PSU’s, Offices of Defense, leading Doctors and Hospitals & almost all the departments of GOVT of INDIA, already using our air purifiers.

With years of investment in quality and customer satisfaction we can very proudly claim that CRUSADERS AIR PURIFIERS & CRUSADERS ANTI-POLLUTION MASKS are the BEST in the country and MADE FOR INDIA.