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Frequently Asked Questions for CRUSADERS MARATHON & CRUSADERS DART N99 + Carbon (4 Layer) Masks

Anti-Pollution masks by CRUSADERS help you protect against particulate and gaseous pollution, such as Dust granules, PM10, PM2.5, Pollen, Smoke, Pathogens such as viruses and bacteria, Foul Smells, Benzene and formaldehyde because of its N99 + Carbon Filtration system which uses a total of 4 different layers.

Ideal for

  • Cyclist or people going for health routines like walk or a run.
  • People suffering from respiratory disease.
  • People travelling on 2 wheelers.
  • Workers at Construction sites, landfills, or other polluted environments.
  • For People in Hospitals, Labs and other sensitive environments.
  • Traffic Policemen in urban environments with high air pollution level.
  • CRUSADERS MARATHON comes with a unique Zipper Technology that helps you replace the filter set with ease. So YOU NEVER THROW AWAY THE MASK. Mask can be washed for a very long time and you can change the filter with a new one every 10-12 days.

    No, Eventually a mask contains a filter, and since the filters cannot be washed (HEPA & CARBON Filters are not washable), the mask can last a maximum of 30-40 hours since they will choke and make breathing difficult.

    With CRUSADERS MARATHON you invest in a mask that has a Zipper Technology, where you can remove the main filter and wash the mask as and when it gets dirty and replace the filter set either ways after 30-40 hours of usage. This ways 1 MARATHON Mask + Filters can last you for years in comparison to what you pay for others. See Comparison Chart.

    4 Layered Filtration System (sequence from outside to inside)

    The Primary PP Nonwoven Filter Layer (Outer):

    Made of of PP (Polypropylene) spun-bond nonwoven fabric layer, this filter eradicates large pollution particles such as Dust and PM10.

    High Grade Activated Carbon Filter:

    it keeps out gaseous pollutants such as ammonia, formaldehyde, bad breath, stench and safeguards human health.

    Ultra-fine deniers melt blown PP non-woven fabric (N99 filter layer):

    Stops 99.97% of small particulate matter such as PM2.5, PM0.3, viruses & bacteria.

    PP (Polypropylene) spun-bond nonwoven fabric layer (inside layer):

    Same as the Outer Layer. It also has excellent characteristics such as warmth, mildew & moth free, it is also light and waterproof.

    MARATHON, has the additional cloth mask which holds the filter in the Zipper Lock Pocket.

    Please see the Video -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fet7_IG2nmM

    CRUSADERS MARATHON Masks can last for a very long time depending on maintenance. The box contains 1 Main Mask & 5 Filters, and then you can purchase a box of 7 Filters at a minor cost. One filter can last you for 25-30 hours or 10-12 days.

    CRUSADERS DART Masks can last you for 25-30 hours or 10-12 days and then have to be disposed off. 1 Box of DART comes with 3 dispossable masks.

    MARATHON – as the name suggests is a long  running mask with a unique Zipper Technology to hold the replaceable 4 Layer filter. The main mask is washable and resuable for years. 1 Pack contains a MARATHON Mask and 5 Filters.

     DART – is a disposable mask that works good for 10 odd days at a stretch and then it needs to be discposed off. 1 Pack contains a set of 3 DARTS.

     Both use the same N99 + Carbon (4Layer) Filter syetm.

    CRUSADERS DART –1 Pack contains a set of 3 DARTS.

    MRP COST @ Rs.599

    That means 1 unit of CRUSADERS DART Mask will cost Rs.199/- for N99 + CARBON (4 Layer) Filter with Exhale Valve.

    In comparison others are giving you a N95 Mask (Single Layer, No Carbon, No Valve) for Rs.150.

    Compare the quality and you will see the difference.

    MARATHON Mask can be washed after removing the filter from the Zipper Lock Pocket.

    This is the beauty of our technology which in comparison to others will be much cheaper in the long run.

    Masks come with ear-loops and a nose clip. We have a standard size for an adult. Usually ages 14+ to 60+ can wear this easily. We do not have different sizes.

    Once worn, you need to press the adjustable nose clip against your nose and make a seal across the mask so no bad air is leaked in and you are only breathing through the mask.

    Dust granules, PM10, PM2.5, Pollen, Smoke, Pathogens such as viruses and bacteria, Smells, Benzene and formaldehyde

  • Running and Jogging
  • Cycling
  • Outdoor Activity
  • Hospitals & Labs
  • Travelling in public transport (bus/metro)
  • 2 Wheeler Riders
  • Industries
  • Construction sites or other polluted working environments outdoors
  • Areas having people with respiratory diseases