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Ozone Air Purifier CRU M6

Rs. 3,600 3,350

How To Use 1. Simply put the plug in the socket 2. Turn the power point on. 3. Working mode. (i) Cont: the blue indicator lights,ozone releases constantly until turned off (ii) Cycle: Ozone releases 1 min with an interval of 4 mins, the blue indicator light flashing (iii) Switch to the ''OFF'' position to turn off. How it Works *Ozone is nature's way of cleaning the air we breathe outside.The product producess ozone to replicate this phenomenon,resulting in cleaner,fresher breathable air indoors. *The unit may help in the removal of indoor air contaminants such as dust,odors,mould & mildew,germs & bacteria. Maintenance The center ozone output ring has a small ceramic white tube in the middle. This should be cleaned every 4 weeks with a cotton bud.Do not use water, just a dry cotton bud.Only Wipe around the front edges of the ozone tube. NOTE: This Ozone Purifier should be use only in Toilet and washroom not applicable for room. Ozone purifiers can not do anything to dust,Pollen,Allergen or any large particulate matter.
• Ozone Purifier
• Public Toilet Automatic Model
• Only good for Odor and Infection control
• Maintenance free , Easy to use , Silent Operation.
• Ozone purifiers can not do anything to dust,Pollen,Allergen or any large particulate matter

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    • o Slim Design
    • o Silent Operation
    • o Maintenance Free
    • o Easy to use
  • Technical Specification

    • Model No. CRU-M6
    • Rated Voltage 110 - 220V , 50/60 hz
    • Power consumption
    • Ozone output 50mg/H
    • Dimensions 110x75x45 mm
    • Weight 170g
    • Effective Area 20-30m2
    • Certification CE, RoHs
    • Light Blue night light
    • How To Use
    • • Simply put the plug in the socket
    • • Turn the power point on.
    • • The unit will activate the ozone function for 30 minutes.
    • • After 30 minutes, Cycle model starts to work automatically,working for 1 mins and then taking rest of 1 mins.
    • • Take the plug out of the socket if you plan on leaving the unit for a long time.
    • Maintenance
    • • Glass tube and the spring should be Cleaned in every 4 weeks with cotton bud
    • • Don't use water just a dry cotton bud.

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