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Air Purifier XJ 3100

Rs. 23,000 18,490

CRUSADERS Air Purification System model XJ-3100 come with 6 Physical Filters and 7 different technologies

1. EPS Elementary Filter ( Washable)
2. HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter 0.3 micron (MERV 17 Rated)
3. Active Carbon Filter
+ Seive Filter to stop Formaldehyde (white seive mixed with Charcoal / Carbon Filter)
4. Photo-Catalyst Filter
5. UV Lamp
6. Negative ions

With Remote Control and touch panel, this unit can cover around 650 square feet of area.
Made for India, keeping in mind the pollution problems of India.

Wide Application areas like :- Bedrooms / Master Bedrooms/ Living Rooms / Offices / Small Conference Rooms / Restaurants / Cafes & Pubs / Medical Facilties etc.



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  • • Portable & Light Weight Air Purifier
    • Area covered up to 650 Sq ft.
    • Best in class 7 Technology filtration system
    • 3 Level Fan Speed Adjustment
    • Timer Mode (1/2/4/8 Hrs)
    • Smart ION & UV mode
    • Power consumption – 45W
    • Weight – 6 Kg
    • Touch Panel with Remote
    • Filter Replacement Indicator
    •1 Year Brand Warranty


  • Technical Specification

    HEPA Filtration : 0.3 micron @99.97%
    Filter Replacement : After 12 Months (Avg. use of 6 - 7 hours every day)
    Inbuilt Sensors : Odour sensor
    Applicable Area Max. : Up to 65 M2
    Remote : Yes
    UV LED Bulbs : 8W , >20nw/CM2 (at 10cm distance)
    Dimensions (mm) : 348*190*556
    Weight (kg) : 5.9 Kg
    Electrical : 220V/50 Hz
    Power consumption : 58 W
    Sound Level (db) : Less than 50 dB
    Fan Speeds : 3(Low/Med/High) + Auto Mode 
    Negative ions : 10 million pcs/CM3
    Motor : DC Brushless Motor (Japanese)
  • Air Purification System based on the principal of PCO (photo-catalytic oxidation using UV) along with high grade HEPA & carbon filter to neutralize DUST, Pollen Allergen , Smoke , Odor , bacteria , Virus , other micro-organisms , and toxic gases such as formaldehyde.

    Best in class 7 Technology Filtration Process
    1. Washable Pre Filter : Designed to filter Larger Particles and prevent clogging
    Removes: HAIR / Large Dust particle / Pet dander etc.

    2. HEPA Filter : Traps pollutants of size 0.3 micron at 99.97% efficiency rate.
    Removes : very small particles / Small allergens / Microscopic bacteria and viruses / Dust mites etc

    3. Activate carbon Filter : A unique honeycomb design containing Live Charcoal granuals, blocks Gases and odours.
    Removes : Cigarette Smoke / VOCs / Odours etc

    4. Seive Blocks Mixed with Carbon Filter : Removes : Formaldehyde / Ammonia (pet & perspiration odours) other famful gases etc

    5. TIO2 Photocatalytic oxidation Filter : Activated by UV Light. It releases free radicals that destroy organic based pollutants.
    Removes : Bacteria / Mould / Viruses / Odors / Formaldehyde / VOCs This Oxidation also breaks the toxic gases into harmless compounds.

    6. Ultra Violet Light: Works independently to neutralize microorganisms.
    Removes : Bacteria / Mould / Viruses etc.

    7. Negative Ionizer: Trillions of healthy negative ions fill your room for continued cleaning.
    Increases freshness in the room
    Increases activity level in your body
    Helps increases immunity
    Creates Forest/Hill Station type Air.

    Control Menu Crusaders XJ-3100

    Ion-UV Indicator : During the process when negative ion are generated , the blue indicator will be ON for UV or ION. Can be switched OFF and ON by the remote or touch panel by pressing the FUNCTION BUTTON.

    Air Quality Sensor / Monitor: The odour indicator (Colour Rim) will become PINK or RED whenever dust and odour sensors detects something. This will happen when the machine is running on AUTO MODE. We do not recommend this mode since you are depending on the electronic nose of the machine. It is advisable to run the machine on High or Medium speed.

    FAN BUTTON : This device has three different fan modes to choose from. Please choose a proper level of circulation according to indoor air quality and Room size.

    AUTO BUTTON : It has the option to set on AUTO MODE, where the machine decides the speed based on its judgment of pollution.

    TIMER BUTTON : How long you want to use your machine. The LED will show the following sequence of timer.You can choose between 1 Hour – 2 Hour – 4 Hour – 8 Hour duration.

    SLEEP BUTTON : Night mode settings can be set by pressing the sleep button. All lights are dimmed, UV is switched OFF, the Fan setting is set to the lowest speed to give you a peacful sleep.

    REPLACE FILTER : Light will start blicking blue, when the machine needs the HEPA & CARBON Filters to be changed.

    RESET : you will have to press the sleep button for 10 seconds to rest the timer settings of the machine after the Replacement is done. See user manual for directions.



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